About Us

Hi! Mocha and Java here, or The Pug Brothers as we like to be called! We were born in a small town in New Hampshire and were lucky to find a loving home in Boston, MA when we were 10 weeks old. We have traveled to so many beautiful places across the country since then and have always received the love, care, and attention from our humans that all pugs deserve. However, we know that not all pugs have been as lucky as we are. Many of our pug friends are still in search of a loving home.

To help our friends, we designed Pug Rack to showcase unique pug inspired apparel and accessories for pug lovers worldwide. With every purchase we will donate a portion of our profits to pug rescues across the U.S.  We appreciate your support in helping us save our furry friends, one pug at a time! Follow our journey on Instagram at #pugrack